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2021: The Year of Monochromatic

In case you are not familiar with the phrase monochromatic, let me start this by saying it is one of the fashion trends you’ll be seeing this 2021. 

After nearly a year of staying at home in our loungewear, the fashion industry is feeling optimistic about getting dressed this year. We’ll forever be grateful to our favorite big shirts and sweatpants, but sporting polished outfits should once again be a trend. 

Opposite to the concept of color blocking, this trend allows you to wear one color of different shades and tints, thus the monochromatic colors. The beauty in a monochromatic outfit is that you have probably worn it a lot without you realizing it. On days when we cannot decide what to wear, we have certainly pulled off a classic look in black jeans and black pan-collared blouse layered with your black single-button blazer. Since black is a neutral color,  it is the easiest one to start with. Yet if done correctly, it can be as sophisticated as a color-blocked outfit. 

So how do we pull this off?

First, you don’t really have to go for an all-black, or all-solid color outfit. For beginners, let’s say we start with your stone gray skirt. You may top if off with your fossil gray turtleneck and finalize the look with a pair of ash gray boots. To put simply, you choose a particular color and combine it with its own different hues. It’s super flexible, too, as it applies practically with any colors. 

To perfectly balance your monochromatic outfit, you may want to consider a color that perfectly matches with your skin tone and hair color – try wearing a color that would make your skin glow. To make it more visually compelling, you may want to mix textures by combining different types of fabric, with denim and chiffon being one of the most common. For some major boss lady vibes, try combining velvet and silk! The choices are truly flexible.

In order to accentuate the areas you are completely comfortable with, you can de-emphasize the other areas that you think are not very flattering. For instance, if you are showcasing a monochromatic outfit in blue and would like to make your hips appear slimmer, then choose a darker shade of blue for your bottom half. You may also add in a touch of classic patterns.

For me, while wearing bold, solid colors is equally elegant, monochromatic colors make a really dramatic fashion statement. It can be a way to balance your mood and image without going beyond your wardrobe’s capacity. This year, I am looking forward to incorporating more of this in my outfit. 

Don’t be afraid to try it! In case you’re having some troubles with how to execute the concept, I can be of help ❤️

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