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Why I prefer Cashmere in winter

As winter gradually takes over, our choices of clothes change as well. Winter tends to be really uncomfortable, so we’d like to wear something that can provide good insulation. Many of us slow down during this season; I myself experience lack of energy and enthusiasm every same time of the year, so my choice of clothes should be comfortable enough to keep me warm and willing to move around. 

I love wearing cashmere. For those who are not entirely familiar with this fabric, it is made of cashmere goat wool and is considered a luxury material because of its high-quality natural fibers. The first thing I love about this is that it really takes away our old mindset that wearing bulky sweaters is the only way to survive during the winter period. Cashmere provides you the same comfort without trading off your fashion standards. Polyester is one of our go-to clothes during the freezing season, but it can be really unpleasant when you start to sweat – which happens a lot. Cashmere, however, is so breathable it can provide you warmth without sweating.

Cashmere is so comfortable, it’s addictive

Its softness is highly addictive; it is naturally stretchy but doesn’t lose its smoothness. Because of its lightweight nature, cashmere isn’t susceptible to shrinks and wrinkles and is perfect for traveling since it doesn’t take much space in your luggage.

Also, due to the fine nature of its fiber, I do recommend handwashing. Just make sure you don’t hang dry it or toss it in the drier; instead, lay it flat to allow it to air dry. As mentioned earlier, it is a luxury material and therefore can be quite expensive, but you can shop for the pre-loved ones online, such as ebay or, or poshmark. A good example is this alluring red cashmere I’m wearing; I purchased this in a great, brand new-like condition for only 25 EUR, instead of 120 EUR or higher. 

It may be a bit more expensive than most fabrics, but its quality is totally worth it. Especially nowadays that the season is freezing than ever, I put on my favorite cashmere sweater, and continue hustling. 

Do you already have cashmere clothes/sweater? It’s about time you include one in your wardrobe!

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