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Why should you do color blocking in 2021

We live in a world of colors. We are surrounded by different hues that leave a profound effect on our overall mood. The world of fashion absolutely embraced this concept. We are now brave enough to try different colors, even those that we initially thought were too bold for our personalities. People go to the gym in neon green tank tops and yoga pants. Beach goers show off their bodies in blazing orange swimsuits. Young girls  dance the night away in sparkly purple party dresses. 

While dark colors are neutral and can be paired with almost anything, bright colors can create a breezy aura that can help you stand out.  But do you know that you can put them together to make a really powerful eye-catching contrast?

Fearlessly combining colors  creates a compelling focal point that would make you protrude amid the crowd. 

The basics of color blocking

Color blocking is the practice of combining various solid colors in your outfit. It is safest to stick with  2 colors, especially if you have yet to try this approach, until you become more comfortable with it. Worry not – you can study the color wheel and learn the colors and shades that are good to combine with each other. 

If you think warm (red) and cool (blue) colors often do not mix, consider this look from my wardrobe. Red is often associated with energy and excitement, while blue gives us a calming effect.

What’s really good about this concept is that it can help you boost your confidence without compromising your sense of fashion. You may also opt to combine dark and light colors as it is a good way to subtly draw away attention on body parts that you are not entirely comfortable with. For instance, if you want your upper body to look slimmer, you may go for darker colors for your top, and lighter ones from the waist down. 

Don’t get me wrong, all body shapes and sizes are wonderful! But having enough knowledge on how we can execute our preferred fashion really does wonders, especially when applied correctly.

Bright colors give us a cheerful vibe

Color blocking is a form of art. On days when I want to look strong  with a touch of naughtiness – the classic black and beaming red combo never goes out of style. There is something about bright colors that we can instantly associate with our mood and image.

Yellow and red can create a  head-turning vibe when combined together. Bright colors are typically pleasant to look at, which is why they give whoever wears them an instant  joyful spirit. 
You can do color blocking to start your week right!

I love the color yellow. I normally associate it with sunshine. For someone like me who tends to feel gloomy on seasons where we cannot  enjoy the outdoors that much, yellow reminds me of the morning sun. The warmth that touches your skin the moment you step out of the house is something that always makes me smile. Incorporating this color in my outfit is like channeling the really positive vibes a perfect morning brings to everyone. 

Perhaps everyone would agree that 2020 has brought so much anxiety to us all. As we welcome another year, it is totally reasonable to shift to rejuvenating colors and hues that can uplift us emotionally.  It’s 2021 – we should dress like it’s 2021



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