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What to wear for a job interview as a plus-size woman

There are a lot of questions that come to mind when deciding what to wear for a job interview. What do I need? How much should I spend? And, most importantly – how can I look good in my clothes while still being professional and polished at the same time? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. But there are some things you’ll want to consider before hitting the mall.

The first thing is your body type: Do you have hourglass curves or more straight lines? It might sound obvious, but it will help determine what kind of office plus size clothing you buy!

The colors for a plus-size woman to choose

what to wear for a job interview as a plus-size woman
what to wear for a job interview as a plus-size woman

from can be a little bit more limited, as you want to stick with the neutrals such as black and brown. However, there’s no reason why you cannot wear monochrome looks if that is your preference!

A plus-size stylist will know what colors look best on your skin tone and hair color so don’t shy away from asking their advice. You might also consider dark blue, grey, or green for suits and skirts depending upon where you work.

In some professions for example marketing, event planning, or tech the rules for work attire is more relaxed. So you can choose from any color you would like to wear and you feel well in.

I love bolder colors and bolder color combinations as red paired with purple. Blue paired with green or pink paired with white.

It always depends on what kind of signals you want to send out. In which kind of energy you want to be in?

Fabric is important for plus-size women

The fabric should I wear for a job interview as a plus-size woman? The fabric that feels good against your body but doesn’t cling too much. This may mean avoiding polyester blends unless it says they are wrinkle-free. Plus-size women often complain about clothes being too tight in places like across the bust area or around the hips; try to find pieces that let you breathe in.

Also consider that you might sweat more in polyester, especially during the summertime or in offices that are not providing A/C. As a plus-size woman, you are already more often the target of bullying than regular-sized or skinny women. Stop being a target and wear higher quality material like cashmere, wool, silk, or linen.

Also, higher quality material feels so much better against your skin, you will also feel more confident in your skin.

As a Plus-Size Woman choose better silhouettes

You most likely have a bigger bust and wider hips than your regular-sized friends do. Try to find clothes that cut across the chest area such as wrap dresses or tops with ruching, darts, or side panels. You don’t want something too tight in this area but you also don’t want it baggy which will make you look frumpy instead of chic!

For skirts, try pleats (which add volume) or full circle skirts (to mimic an hourglass shape). Avoid pencil silhouettes like skinnies and straight shapes. They tend to emphasize lumps and bumps rather than camouflaging them. For pants try wide-leg styles. Again for the same reasons; plus-size women often complain about how hard it is to find the wear for a job interview. But I am here to help you to look like a million bucks.

I would personally not wear short dresses or skirts without thighs in opaque or black. Also, your appearance looks more stretched if you ad a little heel in your daily outfit. But pay attention to choosing a thicker heel.

As a plus-size woman, you have to balance more weight onto your shoes so the thin heel wears out faster but can also cause you to fall if you lose the balance. I don’t want you to go through embarrassment like this.

So, choose a thicker heel and you will be safer.

Don’t show off too much skin

Also, try to avoid too much skin showing or anything off-the-shoulder as it looks like the plus size women are not intelligent enough for an office environment . This is what many people think of plus size women even though they see them working very hard in their offices every day.

Select a neckline that flatters your bust area but doesn’t plunge too low. Balance volume over hips but don’t have the excess volume on top. Look polished by avoiding garments with baggy shapes unless fitted perfectly around waist/hips/thighs without being constricting.

If you have the feeling you’re showing too much skin off around your cleavage, why not use a silk scarf and drape it into your neckline. It will look very polished, classy and elevate your whole look.

Perfect accessories for the plus-size woman

Plus-size women should avoid smaller and finer bags and jewelry as they will just kind of disappear in your whole look. I would choose medium-sized to large accessories as they fit and blend in better with your whole body shape. Also don’t come with bags to work that have big designer and label names all over them. it looks so much classier if you have a bag that doesn’t necessarily show off that it’s a Louis Vuitton bag. If you also look at the prices of designer handbags you will discover that the more unrecognizable the brand on the bag is, the more expensive it is.

If you can’t afford a designer bag that is no problem at all. Go for the highest quality you can afford at the moment, buy a bag out of leather or if you’re more into vegan materials try cactus, buy it in a versatile color and wear this bag with pride.

Plus-Size women who are still not sure what to wear for a job interview..

don’t worry I got you! As a plus-size stylist and image consultant, I am specialized in helping women with any kind of occasion.

May it be a classy brunch with your friends, a date with your husband or the job interview that is waiting for you. I am here to help you to dress perfectly and according to your body shape, to help you to pick the right colors but also to boost your confidence.

Book your free discovery call with me by clicking here or follow me here on Instagram for daily style inspiration.



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