2021: The Year of Monochromatic

In case you are not familiar with the phrase monochromatic, let me start this by saying it is one of the fashion trends you’ll be seeing this 2021.  After nearly a year of staying at home in our loungewear, the fashion industry is feeling optimistic about getting dressed this year. We’ll forever be grateful to … Read more

How wearing light colors can bring out your natural vibrance

Neutral colors are known to be the easiest to pair with literally anything. Many also opt for the safe shades to make certain parts of the body appear slimmer. While the benefits are awesome, neutrals tend to look tedious over time. Now, we can change the tone of our everyday fashion without going through a … Read more

Why should you do color blocking in 2021

We live in a world of colors. We are surrounded by different hues that leave a profound effect on our overall mood. The world of fashion absolutely embraced this concept. We are now brave enough to try different colors, even those that we initially thought were too bold for our personalities. People go to the … Read more