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How wearing light colors can bring out your natural vibrance

Neutral colors are known to be the easiest to pair with literally anything. Many also opt for the safe shades to make certain parts of the body appear slimmer. While the benefits are awesome, neutrals tend to look tedious over time. Now, we can change the tone of our everyday fashion without going through a drastic change. Wearing light-colored outfits (take note: light, and not bright) can bring out your natural vibrance!  

If we do not want to wear something that would make us look mature, light colors can be our safest bet. It is an effective way to achieve an effortless youthful glow, not to mention it helps us look fresh despite the daily stress. It probably won’t make lots of heads turn much like when you wear something really bright, but it will definitely keep you subtly noticeable because of the healthy-looking vibes it sends out. 

Colors can manipulate the impression your clothes create

There are days when I do not get enough sleep and the lack of rest becomes visible through my skin. To somehow change that aura, I dress up in pastel blouses or floral dresses.  Colors play a significant role in manipulating the overall impression that our clothes create. While dark colors are flexible, the thing is, it can definitely add up to our restless look. Light colors guarantee a lighter mood, especially when you wear light make up to complement it (granted that you’re not too busy to wear some).

Confidence Style

Light colors, when incorporated in our outfit, create a sense of affection and happiness. Many of us yield to the versatility of dark colors because it doesn’t require much analysis. You can pick literally any item from your closet to pair your black dress with and it would match just right. In reality, however, most women’s wardrobe may be lacking in colors because of this mindset – and we totally disregard the fact that colors can make one’s personality more interesting. 

Check out this look!

Take for instance, this light pink floral dress I got from Amazon last Summer (photo above), or this cotton dress topped with an equally soft cardigan which gives me a summer-like aura (photo below). I put these on during the days when I don’t feel like I am in my most positive spirit, and it works as a little fix to my mood. In my experience, wearing light colors may not promptly alter my level of enthusiasm, but looking at myself in the mirror and seeing how much it manifests optimism and buoyancy – that definitely helps boost my confidence. 

Confidence Style

We all have our personal color; that color that generates flattering compliments everytime we wear it. Explore that color further. If you are a beginner in this concept, try to incorporate it little by little in your daily outfit. You can start with your shoes, scarf, layers, until you’re comfortable enough to showcase it in bigger pieces, like in dresses and jeans. 

Let me know your favorite colors! I’d love to help you find the best palette that would suit your personality and lifestyle 🙂

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