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Comfort Dressing: 2021 New Work Attire in Time of Corona

As much as we all look forward to a brighter post-pandemic future, life has to go on for everyone. The health crisis impacted every aspect of the economy – and as it continuously brings drastic changes in our lifestyle, the world of fashion also had to adjust. 

Just like last year, many of us would continue embracing a work-from-home lifestyle in 2021, and we all enjoy the flexibility it offers. For most people, working in a corner of your home in your most comfy pair of silk pyjamas is a lot better than slouching in your office chair. But as someone who works a lot at home even prior to the pandemic, dressing and dolling up a little still make a huge difference in terms of  productivity. 

At this point, you may ask yourself: why go through the unnecessary inconvenience when you can accomplish the same amount of work regardless of the dress code? 

Accomplishing the same amount of workload? Totally possible. But quality-wise? You can do better. 

Establishing a routine sets the mood for our entire day; from getting up, enjoying a cup of coffee, showering, to dressing up. Most importantly, it gives a sense of normalcy. We tend to be more productive when we carry ourselves with a graceful, professional disposition. Being in your pyjamas the whole day may sound a lot like the ‘new normal’, but it is hard to switch your mind to ‘hustle mode’ when it is associated with bed and snuggles. 

How to dress up: work-from-home style

Before you get confused, dressing up at home doesn’t mean you have to be in your power suits during work hours. Stylish comfort dressing would allow you to look sharp and professional, all the while maintaining the home-like snug. Comfort and versatility are dominant themes in various fashion weeks in the last quarter of 2020, giving us a heads up of what work-from-home wardrobes would look like as we bid goodbye to the year that tested our resilience. 

Some of the most visible trends are knitwear, sweatsuits, single-button blazers and stretchy trousers that would give us the athleisure vibes. Looking at these trends, you would notice a common factor they’re all trying to attain: they are less intricate, thus easy to wear. They would make you look pro in Zoom meetings while allowing you to move freely as you grab a cup of coffee in the kitchen real quick. 

Here, I’m wearing cotton  trousers topped with a cashmere sweatshirt. It’s super comfy but doesn’t compromise the need to wear something decent during Zoom meetings. Just a quick powder retouch and I’m good to go!

Stretchy trousers never go out of style. This time, it’s topped with a plain flutter-sleeved blouse  and a simple necklace to complement its simplicity. Additional tip: don’t be afraid to pull your hair up. Simple outfits like this often get more classic when you have your hair tied up.

You can DIY your way through these fashion trends

You can maximize your wardrobe by  mixing n’ matching what you currently have. Dress up according to your mood, with a little tweak using the power of color blocking. This could be a chance, too, to try on the clothes you have rarely worn before. Keep it interesting with a few accessories and basic cosmetics. You can wear dangling earrings, hot red lippy and tie your hair up to attain a fresher look. There really is no limit when you’re dressing up at home!

A full-coverage makeup isn’t even necessary.  A pair of earrings and your favorite lipstick are enough to finalize the look.

The key to achieving an amazing overall attire, be it for work or leisure, is to dress according to your sense of comfort. Textures and colors are both big factors in deciding what to wear. When you’re comfortable with your outfit, you will beam with confidence and strength. 

Your happiness will definitely reflect on your quality of work. 

Experiment with your wardrobe, doll up, and surprise your friends with your renewed confidence, and see how everything else will fall into its place. 

Let me know how it goes – I’d love to know! 🙂


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    Nice tips. I work from home so always looking for ideas to make the process easier. Thanks for sharing.

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