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Size Inclusive Fashion Stylist Shares Expert Tips for Dressing Curvy Women

I’m Michaela Leitz a size inclusive fashion stylist and the founder of Michaela Leitz – Confidence & Style. Here are my tips for styling your closet if you’re plus-sized.

What is a Size Inclusive Fashion Stylist?

Size Inclusive Fashion Stylist Michaela Leitz
Size Inclusive Fashion Stylist Michaela Leitz 


A Size Inclusive Fashion Stylist is a styling professional who helps people of all shapes and sizes feel confident and stylish in their clothing. My goal is to help women love their bodies and dress for their unique shapes.

One of the most common questions I get asked is how to style a plus-sized body. The truth is, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to dressing your curves. However, there are a few general tips that can help you get started that I will show you today in this blog post.

Is there a specific size range I work with?

Most of my clients are plus size women but I also work with clients in size ranges for example sizes XXS.

Inclusivity matters to me and I think that every woman deserves to have a fashion stylist.

I strongly believe that your size does not and should not define you as a person and that is why I love working with all shapes and sizes.

Which are size inclusive fashion brands?

Size Inclusive Fashion Stylist Michaela Leitz
Size Inclusive Fashion Expert Michaela Leitz 


There are amazing clothing brands that celebrate size inclusivity. As brands like girlfriend collective, good American, universal standard, loud bodies 11 honoré, and the new york brand MAYES NYC. Those are amazing fashion forward brands with extended sizing.

I am happy that plus size clothing is becoming more mainstream and that there are more and more size-inclusive designers to choose from.

A couple of years ago when I became a plus size woman it was almost impossible for me to shop a wardrobe that reflects my bold personality. Indeed it was super hard to find something in-store or even online in my size range.

What is the best plus size fashion advice?

The best plus size fashion advice I can give you is to start small. Don’t try to overhaul your entire wardrobe at once. Check out which fashion brand is reflecting your personality, has inclusive sizing and has pieces you will feel well in.

A good sign for me personal is always if the company is sustainable and doesn’t offer plus-size only in size 16 and smaller.

There are also clothing brands that found a different label or collection which is normally called “curve” or “curvy”. Curve and Curvy are phrases often used to imply the brand has a wide range of sizes.

Being Curvy doesn’t necessarily mean you are plus-size and the other way around. It is important to know that there are different types of “curvy” women. The word “curvy” is often used as an euphemism for “plus size.”

However, many women who are not plus-size can also be considered curvy.

My favorite size inclusive styling advice for women are following…

– Wear what makes you feel good: This is the number one rule in my book. If you feel good in something, it will show. And when you feel good, you radiate confidence. No matter your size, shape, or style, wearing something that makes you feel good is always going to be your best bet.

– Don’t be afraid to experiment: Trying new things can be scary, but fashion is all about experimentation. It’s how we find our own personal style. So don’t be afraid to try something new. You might just surprise yourself with how much you love it.

– Embrace your shape: the first step to looking amazing is feeling confident in your own skin. Size inclusive fashion is all about celebrating every body type, so love the skin you’re in!

– Find a good fit: once you know what styles look best on your figure, it’s time to find clothing that fits. Too often, women of all sizes struggle to find clothes that fit properly. When something doesn’t fit quite right, it can be tempting to just buy it anyway and make do. But trust me, it’s worth taking the time to find pieces that fit like a glove.

– Accessorize: one of the best ways to add a personal touch to your outfit is with accessories. Size inclusive fashion stylists love experimenting with different jewelry, scarves, and hats to create unique looks. And don’t forget about shoes! A great pair of shoes can make an outfit pop.

Work with a size inclusive fashion expert

The easiest and most sustainable solution is to work with a fashion stylist or image consultant who is knowledgeable of size inclusivity.

Working with an expert has the advantage to create a wardrobe that is sustainable, and fashionable, and that will save you time and money in the long run.

The expert will recommend you the most suitable clothes for your body shape, dresses and jeans in the right sizes, and will even take you shopping. Also, the style expert knows which styles are just trends and will recommend you the perfect styles to build your signature styling. Wearing the right clothes will make you feel more confident, stylish, and will save you time every day.

A lot of stylists offer in-person shopping or even online consultations to find the perfect fashion-forward pieces for you.

I used to feel out of place in the clothes I wear

Size Inclusive Fashion Stylist Michaela Leitz
Size Inclusive Fashion Expert Michaela Leitz 

Working with an expert like a personal shopper does cost money but you will save so much more in the future. Before I studied image consulting & fashion styling I was kind of lost in my style. In every shop, I walked into I felt out of place, especially straight after I had gained a lot of weight.

I never really liked to wear denim, I really love to wear dresses but even there I felt I didn’t look good in the pieces I choose. But the next problem was most designer produce clothes maybe until sizes 14 and that’s it.

Plus size clothing is often not available in-store and online shopping was something I tried to avoid as every brand has different measurements for their sizes. I created some looks but the pieces never really worked out together as an outfit. The colors I choose weren’t harmonizing and I didn’t feel confident in what I wear.

All of that has changed after I studied fashion, the sizes became clear to me, the different body shapes made sense, and also the different color seasons.

I still subscribe to the same beauty magazine, the holy Vogue. Even though I wouldn’t say they are very size inclusive, I still love to get inspiration and see the beautiful fashion pieces of my favorite designer.

I want you to avoid the same mistakes I made

That is why I decided to become an expert in Size Inclusive Fashion. I want you to avoid the same mistakes I made and I want to help you feel confident in what you wear.

Do you have any questions about Size Inclusive Fashion? Are you struggling with finding clothes that make you feel confident?

I would love to talk to you if you are certain about your new journey into a wardrobe full of signature pieces. If you know you want to work with someone who understands the different bodies of women. Someone who fights for inclusivity in the fashion world.

Feel free to follow me here on Instagram @aboutmichaela or have a look at my styling services. I’ve founded my brand with you in my mind, and I am looking forward to helping you.



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