What is size inclusivity and why is it important

What is size inclusivity and why is it important Size inclusivity is a movement that challenges sizeism, the belief that certain size bodies are superior and should be privileged over others. It recognizes size in all its forms and embraces size diversity as a powerful source of strength. At its core, size inclusivity is about … Read more

Weshalb Größeninklusion so wichtig ist

Size Inclusive Influencer Michaela Leitz

Ich bin Michaela Leitz, Expertin Rund um das Thema Größeninklusion. Heute tauche ich tiefer in das Thema Rund um Größeninklusion ein. Die Welt der Mode ist für viele Menschen ein Traum. Die Erwartungen sind hoch und die Grenzen, was “normal” oder “schön” ist, scheinen oft voreingenommen zu sein. Größeninklusion bedeutet, dass jeder die Kleidung finden … Read more

Image Consultants Near Me

Looking your best is important, no matter where you are in life. If you’re looking for an in Frankfurt am Main, you’ve come to the right place. I’m Michaela Leitz, a size inclusive fashion stylist and image consultant. I can help you look your best, regardless of your size or shape. Do you want to … Read more

Who is a Size Inclusive Fashion Influencer in 2022?

Hello, I’m Michaela Leitz also known as @aboutmichaela on Instagram a size-inclusive fashion influencer, and today I will write about size inclusivity on social media. What does size inclusive mean?   In the fashion world, size inclusivity is the design and manufacture of clothing that accommodates people of all size ranges. This includes plus-size, petite, … Read more

Size Inclusive Fashion Stylist Shares Expert Tips for Dressing Curvy Women

I’m Michaela Leitz a size inclusive fashion stylist and the founder of Michaela Leitz – Confidence & Style. Here are my tips for styling your closet if you’re plus-sized. What is a Size Inclusive Fashion Stylist?   A Size Inclusive Fashion Stylist is a styling professional who helps people of all shapes and sizes feel … Read more