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Curvy Stylist Michaela Leitz – Confidence & Style

Hello, everyone! For those who just recently discovered this page, I am Michaela, the woman behind Michaela Leitz – Confidence & Style. I cater to plus-sized women’s styling needs and also offer confidence coaching, thus the name of the brand. I love to share my insights on everything fashion. My platform regularly provides tips, and I love guiding my followers as to how they can further understand their body.

Plus-size are those who have bigger body proportions. There is a constant debate on where being a plus-size really begins. From where I came from, it usually begins with size 40, though if you were to ask me, it is at least size 44. In the UK, it is between sizes 14 and 16. This has been quite a controversy as women yearn for approval from the fashion industry. Nevertheless, these labels do not matter — shops follow their own charts and sizes vary from one demographic to another.

woman in black bikini standing beside red wall
Photo by Womanizer WOW Tech on Unsplash

Sadly, there’s always been some negative connotations associated with the word fat. Some people seem to have used it inappropriately, and sometimes at the expense of other people’s feelings. Thankfully, we have acquired more positive ways to describe individuals in the plus-size sector. Like curvy, voluptuous and full-figured. 

Plus-sized women from all over the world have their own struggles. Unrealistic body standards are literally everywhere and trends can be quite demanding. We sometimes feel like we are being dictated as to how we should present ourselves. Over the years, more and more curvy women are finding the courage to accept their bodies. Yet not everyone is ready for this movement. Even in 2021, the stigma prevails. 

So this is where I step in

As a plus-size myself, I was faced with so many challenges regarding my body. It took years of personal experience, studies and perseverance to understand how to be confident in this size. Shopping for new clothes always poses a certain pressure – in fact, this can be the bane of your existence! It’s hard to find jeans that flatter your wide hips. It’s even harder to find dresses that won’t wrap you so tight like a cocoon. Most clothing brands simply do not openly cater to the plus-size. On top of it, you can still be catcalled for having relatively bigger breasts. The list just goes on. 

As a Stylist and Image Consultant, my job revolves around helping women find clothes that would 100 percent complement their body. With proper body and style analysis, I help my clients come up with pieces that would make them look and feel good. With an in-depth color analysis, I help my ladies reach their fullest potential and eventually brim with confidence. 

It’s hard when you don’t have someone to guide you

As I transitioned from skinny to plus-size, I realized that I was literally just playing a guessing game on what to wear. I opted for black and loose clothes because they somewhat gave an illusion of being slimmer. I got stuck in the trial and error phase for so long. In retrospect, my style was focused on making my rolls look smoother. I was deliberately trying to hide my body, and it only made my sense of style really awkward. 

My journey would have been fun despite the challenges if I had someone to guide me. So this is what I do now for my fellow plus-sized ladies. My passion for styling is so powerful because it’s a combination of personal experience and accurate knowledge on every aspect of fashion. I don’t just spoon feed my ladies on what to wear — I educate them. The service I provide is a lifetime investment that they can carry with them, even years after our time together. When you teach someone about styling, you are also instilling a sense of pride and confidence to that individual. 

Contrary to some of the most shallow opinions I’ve heard about fashion, it is not merely superficial. I’ve witnessed people thrive and actually make it in life simply because they learned to carry themselves with beauty and grace. Simply because they felt good in their dress; felt beautiful in their new hairstyle. 

When you feel good because you look good, you will definitely do good!

Basic do’s and don’ts for curvy women

For me, this is one of the plainest rules: Do not hide in baggy clothes and leggings. In fact, I encourage you to show some skin! Life is more beautiful when you free yourself from restricting clothes. Yes, our shoulders may be broader than others, but wouldn’t you want to feel sexy in an off-shoulder dress? Or feel fresher in bermuda shorts than leggings? I know you feel ‘safe’ beneath these clothes. But I also know that given enough encouragement, you would have gone for something a lot nicer. 

woman in black shirt and blue denim jeans sitting on wooden bridge
Photo by Jade Orth on Unsplash

Black may be elegant, but you should know your color palette. There is a reason why the world isn’t in black and white. Much like with baggy clothes, I know black feels like a ‘safe zone’ to you. But the reality is, there is always a particular color palette for every individual. A palette that would make you look vibrant and years younger, and would turn heads onto you. As a Stylist, color analysis is something I’ve worked so hard to master. I want my ladies to be out there, in a palette that matches her skin tone and emphasizes her personality! 

Black works on people in some seasons but with other season types, black makes them look mature and dull, so I recommend you to keep on experimenting with colors instead of shying away from them

Don’t follow the society’s beauty standards, simply because it is heavily influenced by the media. It has affected the way we perceive beauty by commonly using very thin models to represent fashion. From childhood through early teenage years, I only see skinny models in magazines. And when plus-sized models started to work their way in the industry, people lost their minds! Beauty isn’t based on what we see in prints and social media. Beauty should be based on how happy and comfortable you are in your own skin. It doesn’t matter if you are thin, fat, or average. So long as you feel gorgeous in your dress, or feel sexy in your skirt, then you are definitely what you feel!

Book a Stylist and Consultant that can relate to your struggles

A style coach couldn’t fully understand what you’re going through, unless she experienced the same predicament herself. I know how to rebrand or reconstruct a plus-sized woman’s image because I did the same for myself. Before I become confident, I had locked myself in different dressing rooms and cried. I had boutiques tell me there is no way I am going to fit in the dresses they sell. Random people gave me unsolicited advice about my body and how I can possibly lose weight. I’ve literally been there. But I gave it a good fight – and you will, too! 

If you’re still having doubts about getting yourself a personal Stylist and Consultant, imagine yourself in the next 3 years. Do you see yourself being able to wear anything you want? Or not giving a damn about what others have to say? Superb if you could, and I am rooting for you! But how long is it really going to take before you master self-confidence without a professional intervention? How many more years are you going to suffer? 

Sometimes, guidance is all we need. If you want to vibe high but don’t know how and where to start, I can definitely jumpstart your journey. Connect with me via my website, or shoot me a message at [email protected]

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