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The Plus Size Experience Podcast | By Michaela Leitz

Do you love podcasts? Do you love learning about different experiences and perspectives? If so, you’re going to love The Plus Size Experience podcast. Michaela Leitz a plus size fashion stylist & influencer, the host of the show, interviews plus size women of all ages and backgrounds about their lives, their journeys, and their thoughts on fashion, beauty, and everything in between. But also she is talking about her own experiences of becoming and being a plus size woman.

Whether you’re just starting your journey to body acceptance or you’re a seasoned pro, this podcast is for you. So, what are you waiting for? Click subscribe now!

From Size 0 to Being a Plus Size Woman

I used to be a size 0 woman, with a lot of issues, self-hate, sadness, and confidence issues. But I overcame them, and you would never guess what helped. I became a plus size woman and started to love every single inch of my body.

What can I say? I’m grateful for my plus size journey because it’s taught me so much about myself – both the good and the bad. And through it all, I’ve learned that being plus size doesn’t mean that you’re less than anyone else. Being plus size is pretty amazing – there are so many fabulous clothes to wear and an amazing community of people who support each other no matter what.

And that’s why I have started the podcast “the plus size experience”, I know a lot of women struggle with accepting themselves, they struggle to love themselves but I overcame all of that and now it’s my turn to inspire and help you.

We discuss fashion, beauty, relationships, careers, and everything in between. I want to break the stereotype that plus size women are lazy, uneducated or unhealthy. We are all beautiful inside and out and I am so proud to be part of this amazing community.

Plus Size Experience Podcast

The Plus Size Experience Podcast is a Platform

from plus size women for plus size women in any kind of shape, life, or country. Undoubtly this Podcast is here to give also other plus size women a platform to share their experiences and their ideas and passion in life. I want to give us plus size women a voice out there and my passion in life is to inspire and help other plus size women to love themselves and be confident in who they are.

There are so many entrepreneurs, experts, and other interesting plus size women out there. But we barely get any chance to speak or to share our wisdom or stories as we plus size women still get discriminated against or don’t appear “attractive” enough to appear somewhere.

I want to change this for once and forever! Every single plus size woman I know has so much interesting and inspiring to tell, and I am sure so do you! We are far away from being lazy and lacking education and power. Also We are very powerful and passionate women. Just sometimes we need to be reminded of how powerful we are!

The Podcast is your new bestie,

who is taking your hand and walks with you through life, giving you guidance and support. In my life, I really wished to have a big sister on my side who is giving me strength, who is cheering me up, and who is there for me. This is all I want – this podcast is here for you, a plus size friend who is always there for you!

I want to ask you, would that be something you’d be interested in?

Need to hear from you! What topics would you like us to discuss on the podcast? What questions do you have about being plus size? Shoot me a message on Instagram @aboutmichaela.

The Plus Size Experience Podcast is a Lifestyle Podcast

for Plus Size Women who want to live their best life. In this Podcast, you will find guidance and advice from a strong and independent plus size woman who has it all. The confidence and the power. The beauty and the wisdom. My motto in life is sharing is caring, and I truly care about you.

In each episode of my podcast, I will share my own experiences as a plus size woman. Along with insights that I have learned along the way. Whether we are talking about fashion, dating, health & fitness, or self-love. I hope to provide you with information and inspiration that will help you on your journey to living your best life.

The plus size experience podcast is intentional

, authentic and unapologetic. And I hope that you will join me on this journey!

As an influencer & fashion stylist for plus size women, I always work very intentionally without pressure or obligations. I want this podcast to be free and to feel free to you. The podcast is nothing for you if you feel too sensitive or offended quickly. Clearly this show is so bold and talks about everything – from body dysmorphia to eating disorders and other sensitive topics. I just think I want this podcast to be as true and real as possible. So if you don’t feel like this is the right place for you, I am sorry and wish you all the best!

The Plus Size Experience Podcast will be a safe space for us to share, heal and learn. Indeed also to laugh and to enjoy our lives together!

Are you ready to be with us bestie?

The podcast is now available on apple podcasts and Spotify. Also you can also find me on Instagram @aboutmichaela. I would love to hear from you! What do you think about this podcast? Do you know someone who has an interesting story to share? Shoot me a message!

Sharing is caring, do you know someone who could benefit from this podcast? It would mean the world to me and my mission if you could share the podcast.

You can find the podcast on: Here are the various Podcast Links

Instagram: @aboutmichaela #theplussizeexperiencepodcast

Email: [email protected]


– Michaela Leitz, Founder of The Plus Size Experience Podcast. A safe space for plus size women to share their stories, learn and grow together.

As a plus size image consultant I am here to support you. I work mostly virtually with my clients but who knows, maybe one day I will work as a plus size stylist nyc?

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