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Plus Size Dating: Turn Fear into Love

Plus Size Dating can be frightening and sometimes also pretty sad, but in the end, it is our turn as a plus-size woman to change the situation. Change the mindset and just start feeling well in who we are and how we look, start loving ourselves so we can go ahead and receive also love from others.

The most crucial part is to dress well to be able to date like the plus-size queen who you truly are.

In this blog post, I will talk about how to turn fear into love and how to date successfully as a plus-size woman.

How dating as a plus size woman is different?

plus size dating
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As a plus-sized stylist & image coach, I’ve helped styling women all over the world for dating men and women who are their true love. And one thing that these ladies have in common with each other is they were afraid. These ladies don’t trust anyone anymore because everyone had disappointed them before dating an average-sized lady or even bigger than themselves. They either get hurt physically. Being called names or harassed on the street until fear becomes into hatred for this type of people who are usually not very respectful at all. Fear can be turned into love though but it takes time. It’s only normal to feel scared when you’re faced with new challenges. But everything changes if your mind makes some adjustments so let me show you how to stop the fear and turn it into love.

Turn fear into love and start with loving yourself

Only you are able to heal yourself. Start to love any inch of your body before you do your daily self-hate talk. Begin with listing down at least ten things that you love about yourself and stand infront of the mirror for a few minutes everyday. Telling those positive words out loud until they become into habits.

If you’re practicing self-hate talk, you’re giving everyone else the permission to treat you this way. So better stop today.

In order to find someone who loves dating a plus-size lady. It’s good if you first start loving yourself from the inside so you can shine bright like a diamond. People will absolutely notice us everywhere we go because our light would be seen all around us. You’ve got this! I know dating is not easy but what else do you want to do? Wait for the prince in shiny armour on his white horse?

Skript for the perfect plus size dating.

If dating is like a skript, then you need to write down what kind of partner would work best for you. How should he treat you? How should he look like? What kind of personality do you want him to have? Never settle for less as it will never make you happy in the long run even if the relationship starts with fireworks in the beginning.

Don’t settle for less just because you’re afraid that dating will never happen. You deserve to be loved and treasured by someone who is willing to fight for your love every single day just like in the movies. Just think about what kind of date would you want? With whom do you feel safe enough to have fun, dance or even sing karaoke with. When he knows all your weird habits already, isn’t it okay if everyone sees how silly you are together?

Plus size dating while looking like a plus-size queen.

When dating as a plus-size woman, I found this to be the most crucial part because being comfortable in your own skin already is half of dating successfully. If you feel good about yourself then you can do anything really, even dating right?

You must know that dating successfully doesn’t mean that there will not be any problems, dissapointments or strange situations.

Just stay true to yourself – you’ve got this!

Confidence always benifts from a sexy but classy outfit

– the right colors, the right silhouette.

– Alluring colors and fabrics. Setting accents with the right type of accesories, all that is turning myself into a plus size queen and will also transform you into the dating plus size queen 🙂

-Set the perfect accents with some accesories as necklaces, braceletes and earrings.

-The ultimate confidence booster is definately your favourite fragerence.

How did I overcome fear and dated as a plus-size woman?

Probably on one point you’re asking yourself how I am here giving you advice on how to date as a plus size woman.

Don’t worry, I understand you – sometimes it is better to be sceptical.

I have dated a while and was really down to find the right person in life. I stopped doing any compromisses. Stopped setteling for less. And I also stopped trying to please men.

As I started to love myself, to accept myself but also to figure out what I want in life. I looked at my former mistakes I’ve made. Then I have looked into the life I deserve and I just started being true.

True to myself, and true to my dates.

I swiped a couple of times and found the perfect men, or he found me 🙂

Now I am engaged and even during the pandemic we both had the best time. Time together in love, with respect and mutual support.

And this is exactly what I also want you to have.

Help is here – just be ready and for it.

plus size dating with Michaela Leitz

I have done so many mistakes – you have no idea. I don’t want you to go through the same situations, same dissapointments but also the same struggles.

That’s why I have decided to help women like you and me to overcome their fear and turn it into love. Let it be love for another person or just self-love.

You deserve to be loved, to give love – simply to be happy.

If you’re feeling a new outfit could elevate your look but also give you more confidence I am here for you. Get now your free discovery call by clicking here or just follow me on Instagram for daily inspiration.



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