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I dress your soul, not your size | Plus Size Stylist

It’s all about you. Your look, your personality. You are the reason I am here to help you create a unique personal style. Not only do I need to know what figure type and color palette fits you best I also want to dive into the depths of your soul. To know who you are and what makes you feel confident. I dress your soul, not your size!

– That is the motto I live by as a plus-size stylist: dress your soul, not your size.

As a professional stylist, I dress women of all sizes and age groups. However the most challenging are plus-sized clients like myself. Not because of their beautiful curves, it is the fashion industry that is still missing a huge market – I can’t tell you why we still get discriminated against, I don’t know it. But I can tell everyone ONE THING; we plus-size women are as worthy as every other woman to go to a shop and try on pieces in our sizes. Our bodies are no less beautiful than any other size. I dress you all!

It is not easy to find my size (currently a EU46/ US20), but sometimes if the piece calls for me it doesn’t matter how big or small they might have their plus-sized range. As long as I can wear your clothes I will buy them and show everyone that everybody is deserving to look smoking hot.dress your soul, not your size


– My job is also about building confidence in my clients by showing them how good their souls are looking.

How do I as a plus-size stylist archive this? By educating my clients.

Before I do the usual body and color analysis, I sit down with my clients in person or via zoom and I get to know them. How does their day look like? What do they think about their current wardrobe? What kind of occasions are they needing the clothes for? How does my client speak? How is the body language? What do I feel about my client? I dive into the soul of my clients.

Doing my job is so much more than just putting clothes on my clients, it is in-depth work, it is very personal work – it is soul work.

– Your style should embrace all aspects of yourself; it’s about embracing YOUR truth – not your size!

Every woman has a different beauty standard to adhere to, but there’s no dress code for the way you should feel. Your style is about embracing who you are and what makes you happy. It can be anything from ‘sexy’ dress-up outfits or even just jeans & t-shirt casual wear. It doesn’t matter how much weight you’ve put on recently. Fashion is all about dressing yourself in things that make YOU happy!

It gives me great pleasure helping plus-sized women find their own personal style with fashion – whether it be through clothing suggestions or styling sessions. I enjoy working with my clients one step at a time until they have found themselves again within their wardrobe choices. I’m also passionate about helping my clients doing the so-called “inner work”. I know truly by myself through how much pain a lot of women have to go through in their lives just because of their size. Feeling neglected because of a weight gain. Feeling not welcome because of the way that people sometimes might look at you. The attacks from family members with famous words like “stop eating so much, you are already fat!”. Believe me, I have heard it all before.

But also, I have healed. Healed from my past relationships, my family, strangers, comments on the internet. I started dressing my soul, not my size.

And now it’s also time for you to heal.

I dress your soul, not your size

It takes bravery to show off but also give yourself credit for that confidence boost.

If you have done the styling with me, it’s time to show off your beautiful stylings and start living like the person you truly are. Show off your curves, the radiant colors, the figure-hugging dress, and look like a million bucks.

Dress yourself not them – dress for YOU! So often we put others first or are afraid that others judge us. But let me tell you one thing, this time after the styling session. The looks and stares you will get are admiration by others, no bashing, no negative look. People will start to fall in love with your look but also your soul – because you will shine like a diamond. And this is how you truley know that I dressed your soul, and not your size.

Style big, dream bigger.

When you dress your soul, not only will the way you look and feel a change. But also how your mindset grows and so much positivity attracts into your life. It is time for you to start dreaming big again! What do you want in life? I can only give you one piece of advice – dress for whatever you want to attract and you will have it!

My biggest dream?

I as a plus-size woman dream about a world where you and I don’t have to wait in front of a dressing room until our skinnier or regular-sized friends are done trying on clothes, while we just stand there and wait to buy a pair of earrings or a scarf because shops simply have nothing for us to wear.

What are you brands afraid of? Anytime I see a beautiful piece by Dolce&Gabanna who are heroes in my eyes because they produce plus-size clothing, they sell out instantly. What are you other luxury brands are waiting for? You are happily selling us handbags and accessories but our bodies seem to be unworthy to be seen in your clothes?

In my dream world, this has an end – and we are seen on TV, in commercials, on the runway, and everywhere else.

Is your soul now ready to get dressed?

If yes, I am more than happy to have a chat with you and show you how I will get to know you. I am available in Frankfurt am Main/Germany or via Zoom online session. Don’t let your soul wait any longer click here to book your free discovery call and let me dress your soul.

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