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How to Feel Sexy in Plus Size | Plus Size Stylist

Being sexy is not just about what you wear or how much makeup you put on. It’s also about your attitude and the way you carry yourself. We all know that sexy is sexy, no matter what size clothes we are wearing. But it can be hard to feel sexy when society has told us for so long that plus-size women cannot look sexy.

This blog post will help show plus-size women how they can transform their look into a sexy one!

Feel sexy in plus size with alluring colors!

sexy in plus
Photo by Agata Create on Unsplash

The colors you wear can make or break your entire look. Colors also send out different signals and are uplifting your mood, especially red is proven to raise blood pressure! Choose the right sexy plus size clothes with these tips:

– Choose sexy plus-size dresses in alluring colors like orange which represents joyfulness. Or pink which will bring you in the right feminine energy as pink is a symbol of femininity and love.

– Wear sexy black lace if you want to look sexy but to feel more confident without showing too much skin. Black represents power and sophistication.

-An eye-catcher can be your shoes. Pick sexy shoes in a signal color like red, blue, yellow, or others. If you pick more striking shoes the attention will go down and can hide parts of your body that you feel a little self-conscious about.

-If you feel sexy in plus size, other people will see it. When you wear sexy clothes and shoes that makes your look more attractive than others want to be around you!

-Only if you know which color suits you best you will be able to show up fully in confidence. The wrong colors will make you look and feel sick, older, and unkempt. The right colors will make you look like a million bucks, so you will be able to get into the sexy energy you want to channel.

The fabrics used can make you feel sexy, too!

Just think of sexy lace lingerie or sexy silk fabrics that feel good on your skin. What about a satin dress? It looks elegant and feels very comfortable around the body!

In addition to feeling sexy, you will also look sexy when wearing plus-size clothing made from these types of fabric. Sexy is not always being slim so don’t be afraid to wear beautiful fabrics next time you go out. What if it’s hot outside? You can still wear sexy clothes but in this case, choose light materials such as chiffon dresses with floral prints which are perfect for a summer day at the beach by the way!

What I would always avoid as a plus-size woman is mesh fabrics. I don’t think mesh is a fabric that looks sexy. And also mesh can become a disadvantage for plus-size women, as the mesh can push into the skin and can become very hurtful. And you don’t want to look like a pressed pork roast, you want to look and feel like a sexy plus-size queen.

These shoes are made for walking…

sexy in plus size
Photo by Birgith Roosipuu on Unsplash

and looking sexy. But if you’re plus size, finding sexy shoes can be a bit of a challenge. If you don’t know where to start, I will help you find your way into sexy shoes and walk tall in them too!

For occasions: Look for height-increasing styles like pumps or wedges with a little thicker heels that give extra oomph without making it impossible to walk on the high heels. For special events such as weddings and parties go all out and look for sexy strappy sandals or even platformed heels that are comfortable enough to dance through the night in style.

Always remember what Marilyn Monroe said about wearing sexy clothes while walking… “If you’ve got it – flaunt it!”

It’s totally okay to wear flats! In fact, sexy plus size fashion doesn’t have a rule that says you can only wear heels. You don’t need high-heels if you don’t want to wear them.

The perfect fit for the perfect plus-size woman.

Women with more curves and weight tend to hide their bodies under baggy clothes and avoid wearing fitted garments. This makes them lose sight of what they actually look like when clothed.

When you wear sexy clothing that fits well on your body shape, it will make you feel more confident in the skin that you’re in. Even if there’s excess fabric or stretch marks visible – remember why you bought those jeans! They fit comfortably around YOUR waistline, which means other people think they look good too! Don’t let any negative thoughts surround this outfit because beauty comes from within firstly anyway – so rock those curves for all to see.

Lingerie is not for them, it is for you Queen!

If you want to feel sexy then wear sexy lingerie. Invest in yourself and buy yourself some sexy lingerie. You do not need to spend money on sexy lingerie for your partner. Sexy plus size lingerie is something that you should wear yourself because it gives you the confidence and boost of self-esteem that you deserve.

– The first thing I want to say is sexy plus-size lingerie does exist! Do not let anyone tell you otherwise or make feel like sexy plus-sized clothing does not exist. If they are telling this then they have no idea what sexy means.

– Not only will wearing sexy plus size lingerie give a huge boost of confidence but it allows every woman regardless of their shape know how beautiful she truly is inside out which makes her feel sexy as well as comfortable in her own skin. And if you have a partner, it is even a plus because your partner will be truly happy to see you in some sexy lingerie.

If you feel overwhelmed, help is here.

I have done so many mistakes – you have no idea. I don’t want you to go through the same situations, the same disappointments but also the same struggles.

That’s why I have decided to help women like you and me. I’m a professional stylist & image consultant for plus-size women and here to dress your soul, and not your size!

If you’re feeling a new outfit could elevate your look but also give you more confidence I am here for you. Get now your free discovery call by clicking here or just follow me on Instagram for daily inspiration.



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