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Why you should be picky with the clothes you wear.

Hey there, I am Michaela Leitz your professional plus-size stylist. In today’s blogpost, I will tell you why you should be picky with the clothes you’re wearing!

Be authentic and be picky.

why you should be picky with the clothes you're wearing
Photo by Marcus Loke on Unsplash

If you’re styling yourself well for your occasion then it’s gonna boost your self-confidence. That will be noticed by other people as well! Your styling can have a huge impact on how confident or insecure you feel during the day. So I highly recommend putting some time into styling. But also to understand how the right styling is working. The clothes we are wearing are the mirror of our personality and also of our deeper being. If your look is out of alignment with who you truly are, how are you able to be yourself if the outside appearance already doesn’t reflect who you are?

You know that you send out signals to other people with the way you speak, walk, smell but also how you look? Don’t you want to make the best impression? People are going to judge you based on your style. They will be curious about the person who wears those clothes and they are going to assume a lot of things about that certain person because that’s what we humans do. We try to understand our surroundings by making assumptions, even though most people don’t realize this is something everyone does all day long. So this is why I think you should be picky with the clothes you’re wearing!

Did you know that different materials have a different thread count?

Thread count is the number of threads per square inch in fabric. Thread counts are often given for bedsheets but can be used to describe any woven cloth. The term thread count refers only to complete cotton yarns (short fiber or long-staple).

Choosing clothes that have a high thread count (as cotton will help you stay grounded and in touch with your spiritual side. When you wear clothes that have a high thread count, it allows for more positive energy to flow through the fabric and into your body.)

Your spiritual vibration is the frequency of your soul. This means that it includes all thoughts, feelings, and emotions you have had in a lifetime as well as how connected you are to others and nature around you. High-thread count clothes help boost this energy so that any physical ailments can be overcome faster than usual!

On the other hand, you should avoid fabrics with a lower thread count as polyester as they lower your spiritual balance.

And we don’t want to vibe low right? So this is one of the points why you should be picky with the clothes you wear!

Being picky with the clothes you wear doesn’t mean you’re spoiled.

It means that you are aware of who you are, what you want to wear, and how people should treat you. Not everyone is blessed with a stylist at their disposal but it is something you should consider if you want to build an authentic wardrobe.

Not everybody truly knows who they are and have to figure this out first. Some people also have lost the sense of their personality over the years. Because they have cared way more about their job or their children and lost themselves. But that’s fine, take a step back and get back to your roots. Or simply call a stylist and/or image consultant to work their magic.

I see it every day, on the street, on Instagram, with other business owners, and many more. If you don’t know who you are, your style will seem off or worse. When you try to be something else or someone else your clothes will make you look displaced but also your whole being will speak words. You will project on other people that you are not authentic.

Always keep in mind what do you want to project and what you feel well with? If you want to look preppy, are you elite and can you keep up with these people? If you try to look romantic but you are a goth in your heart, will you feel displaced? This is why being picky with your clothes you’re wearing really matters.

Being picky is the opposite of “just blending in”.

Blending in is the most common thing you can do if you don’t want to be judged, especially for people who are not secure with themselves. If they feel like others will judge them because of their style, clothes or way of being it’s even worse than just blending into the background.

Why should I avoid this? Well firstly if you just blend in nobody will notice you or even be able to remember you. Colors speak words, try colors that contrast each other, they will make you stand out and look radiant.

It also speaks a lot about your personality if people see that you try to blend in all the time. This shows them either insecurity or being shy but it can be interpreted as having something to hide by others too! So always stay strong with yourself and have confidence when going out.

There are only a few people at parties or get-togethers that seem not to be dressed in any special styling. Or even in special colors but they shine and you just want to be around them. It’s because they know 100% who they are and feel so confident in their skin so they don’t have to prove anything to anyone. And that’s very powerful.

When you feel overwhelmed picking clothes to wear…

.. don’t worry as a stylist & image consultant I know how exhausting it can be to find the perfect clothes and curate them for your everyday looks. Especially if styling and fashion don’t belong to your everyday job. And it doesn’t have to!

If you are ready now to make a change and find out what your signature style is and how to dress I am here for you.

You can book a discovery call for personal styling with me by clicking here. Or you can follow me on Instagram by clicking here and getting daily advice on styling.

I hope my blogpost helped you to understand why it is important to be picky with the clothes you’re wearing.

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