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I’m Michaela Leitz – One of the First Professional Fashion Stylist on the Metaverse

I am Michaela Leitz one of the very first professional fashion stylists on the metaverse. As a stylist & image consultant, I already switched my business two years ago when the pandemic started into online styling. The most important thing for me is to have a close relationship with my clients. And to find out what you want from your virtual appearance as well as from your real lifestyle or work wear. My goal is to make you look good, feel good and be happy about yourself!

What am I as a fashion stylist on the metaverse doing?

Metaverse Styling by Michaela Leitz
Jacket/Dress: Gyurin Na Purple Jacket || Pants:   CHARLI COHEN Cipher pants ||Shoes: GARY JAMES MCQUEEN Look 2 Metallic Footwear ||  Headpiece:  DRESSX DISCOVERSE METAL CROWN  || All sold at:

as a fashion stylist & personal shopper on the metaverse, I am here to create the appearance you always dreamed about. Whether you want to look like a big fashionista, a web3 royal from the 90s, or like a greek goddess. There is absolutely NO limit on the metaverse who you can be and how you can look like.

A lot of my in-person clients dream about creating a bolder wardrobe, a more colorful wardrobe, one that has different silhouettes. A wardrobe that is rising more attention. But they are not ready, they are afraid of what people might think about them. Being bolder isn’t for everyone and not everyone can cope with the attention that sometimes also feels intimidating. So they stay with the same old colors, styles, and silhouettes and wear them all year long.

That’s where I come in, as one of the first professional fashion stylists on the metaverse, I will support you to create the fantasy and look of your metaverse appearance. The metaverse is a place where you can live out what you didn’t feel confident to do in real life. It is a new chance for us to live a different life. One that especially we Millenials and Gen Z are building on our values and imagination.

Why the metaverse fashion industry is sustainable

Blockchain technology does not only offer a transparent and secure payment process for online purchases. But also an easy, simple & cheap way to showcase clothes that are not produced yet. Also to check beforehand if there is even a demand in the styles and how much would it cost before investing in the production of clothing articles or e-commerce stores online. This is leading to saving money on stocks. When people don’t like what you’ve got in your store, you won’t produce it.  Because blockchain fashion shows allow you to do all this without having invested anything until now.

As a consumer, I find it very interesting to get closer to smaller labels and designers through the metaverse, but also to be a part of something new and revolutionary. As one of the first professional stylists on the metaverse, I am even more thrilled as I see how the metaverse is giving us stylists the tool to create visibly the imagination we have in our minds for our clients. Because what we as stylists & image consultants see is often not visible for our clients or they are not able to imagine the stylings. The metaverse is helping you to get used to bolder outfits while wearing them on web3. And later when you feel comfortable, also in real life.

Avant-Garde and Haute Couture on the Metaverse

Fashion Styling on the Metaverse
Burbush Aphorismus Trousers $35.00 USD  ||ALTERATION SPACE Watertop ||  I’M NOT THERE STUDIOS LOL Shoes FauxF||  All sold at

I am Michaela Leitz, one of the first professional fashion stylists on the metaverse I am creating avant-garde and haute couture looks for you in a virtual world that is made to be unique and individualistic. I have always been underlining my own personal style with anything from edgy or modern clothes, coats, shoes while still keeping up with high heel pumps which give me confidence when walking down any red carpet event.

As many other developers realized how much potential this new technology has a lot of smaller designers and brands started creating their collections now online just for the players of the metaverse.

The avant-garde design has been around since the early 20th century. When painters began taking inspiration from other art forms instead of just painting what they saw in front of them. In these designs, artists explored new possibilities that challenged their audience’s vision. Simply by using repetition or geometric shapes that created illusions.  By tricking viewers’ eyes into seeing different things depending on how they looked at it. Traditional Fashion designers took note and started adapting this style into their collections.

Knowing these facts, it is now obvious how avant-garde has found a place already in the metaverse universe.

Stylists & designers on the Metaverse are a chance for plus-size women

I am a plus-size woman who is working in the fashion industry. And I have been excluded many times because of my size.

In life, you’re trying so hard to be included in this world. But sometimes you feel like there are always people trying to push you away no matter how much effort you put into yourself. But what if one day everyone’s avatar will feel free to wear whatever you wanted without the fear of being judged? This will start changing things up by opening doors that were slammed shut before. The beauty of this new technology is that anyone can wear anything now regardless of their body type making avatars.

Will professional stylists & image consultants be replaced by AI’s in the future?

I might sound crazy and for some people, my visions might be frightening. But my forecast for the future of professional styling & image consulting especially on the metaverse is following.

I am certain that there will be AI’s taking over some of our work. I am sure there are already fashion companies working on the automation of styling & image consulting. But that doesn’t mean that we stylists will not have anything to work on anymore. My vision is different. That styling will become through AI’s accessible for anyone. Especially people who are not ready to work with a professional stylist or who simply can’t afford it.

The human professional fashion stylists on the metaverse like myself will be booked by people who are ready to invest in themselves. You still needs a human connection. And you are someone who is not interested in textbook styling. No, the human stylist is the one that will dress your soul. Who is sensing who you are and what you need. The human connection that you need, will never be replaced by an AI. I am confident about the future of styling & image consulting on the metaverse as it is an opportunity to create human connections online that would not have been possible without this new technology.

I am looking forward to introducing brands I am already working with into the metaverse. Also, I am looking forward to even more collaborations with different companies that the metaverse will make possible for professional stylists & image consultants.

The metaverse is only the beginning of something that will change our world for good.

I am happy to connect with you!

Are you interested in metaverse personal shopping? Maybe a virtual styling or a real-life styling session? I am here for you.

Also I am happy to connect with you via Instagram (click here). Or via [email protected]  just let me know if you have any questions.

If you want to discuss with me more about metaverse & styling feel free to hit me up on Twitter (click here).



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