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Virtual Styling by Michaela Leitz – Confidence & Styling

Hi there! This is Michaela of Michaela Leitz – Confidence & Style. I am a Germany-based plus-size Stylist and Image Consultant. Today on my blog, I will help you understand the importance of proper analysis, and how I do it in order to achieve my client’s desired results. 

But first, let me walk you through the phrase virtual styling. How does this work?

Photo by Elsa Noblet from Unplash

Virtual styling is just as possible as personal consultation – without compromising the quality of the service. As the pandemic took over the world, many businesses adapted to the new normal, and the fashion industry proves to be just as resilient as other sectors. In fact, the concept of virtual consultation has paved the way for clients all over the world to participate at their convenience; we no longer need to rush home or at any meeting place. We can acquire consultation services at the comfort of our own home. Even if you found a stylist that suits your needs but is living halfway across the world, the internet makes everything possible!

Color Analysis with the 4×4 Color System

Fashion has always been in my blood. But while my hunger to learn is always a good thing, honestly, it is never enough for something as complex as fashion. I studied Image Consulting & Fashion Styling and have been trained by the master Ferial Youakim herself. I am a certified 4×4 Color Consultant by The Universal 4×4 Color System – (16 Seasons) ®. And much like many other Image Consultants, I was initially introduced only to the 4 color seasons by my previous trainers. But even back then, I figured there is no way colors are limited to just 4 seasons. Gladly, I found Ferial and immediately enrolled for her training.I felt like I was given the right value and bigger variety in learning your true season. It is only upon learning about the 4×4 color system that I fully understand my clients’ color palette and more of their personal styling needs.  

Photo by Christina Rumpf from Unsplash

How does Color Analysis Apply to You as a Client

Colors play a significant role in one’s self-representation. Your color palette should suit your skin tone in order to create an emotional connection to you and to anyone who sees it. It should resonate with your mood, your personality and most importantly, your lifestyle. Colors are supposed to make you glow, but you may get the exact opposite if you choose the wrong ones.  

With that said, this step is quite crucial. Wearing the wrong colors can definitely make you look older and exhausted as it puts shadows onto your face. They can create a wrinkle-like effect that may ruin your facial features. The right colors, however, will make your eyes shine. It can make you look younger and fresher that it’s impossible for people not to notice your glow. 

For the color analysis, you will initially have a discovery call with me. In this call, I will provide you a few questions that aim to get to know you on a more personal level – especially your lifestyle and personality. I will ask you to provide me a couple of photos based on my own instructions in order for me to proceed with the thorough analysis. 

Once the analysis is done, we will touch base through a 60-minute zoom meeting. This is to discuss with you the result of my analysis. I will make sure you understand the procedure and how I come up with the results. After the meeting, you will get a detailed report in PDF form that includes a digital color swatch. This makes shopping a lot easier! You simply have to take out your phone and compare whether the colors suit you or not. 

Body and Style Analysis

Wondering how body and style analysis were done? Rest assured that this can be easily done online as well. Much like the color analysis, I will provide a few questions beforehand that aim to understand your personality, your style, and your lifestyle. It is also important for me to know about your dreams and goals. As I want these elements to be incorporated in the style that I am going to curate for you. 

I will need your accurate measurements, along with some other photos, and there you go! 

For you to further picture out how it works, you will receive a 100 plus-page personal style guide from me that is based on your body figure. This guide is so personalized, you will never have to buy and wear unflattering clothes ever again. It will make your shopping experience more fun and efficient, be it via physical stores or online. Moreover, it will also make decluttering a lot easier. 

Wardrobe Consultation

Now, during the online wardrobe consultation, you will have a full 120 minutes of undivided attention, as with the other consultations. Same system applies; you will be provided with a set of questions beforehand, followed by a few easy tasks from me. During the wardrobe consultation, we will go through various pieces and I’ll guide you through 3 important things. Which ones you should NOT wear. which ones look good on you, and which pieces can actually work together when properly combined. 

So how do you start?

Now that we have successfully laid out the steps through the consultation service I offer, here’s an in-depth checklist on why you need a personal Stylist and Image Consultant:

  1. Most of your clothes no longer fit due to weight gain. And it comes to a point where your confidence and self-worth are severely affected.
  2. There are a lot of pieces in your closet, yet you feel like you have nothing to wear.
  3. You spend a lot of time dressing up everyday because it’s hard to mix and match every piece.
  4. The tendency to cover your rolls through layers of unnecessary clothing. 
  5. Always opting for dark colors to make the entirety of your body look slimmer.
  6. You are about to get back to work and face the post-pandemic world but couldn’t seem to move forward from wearing your leggings and lounge wear.
  7. Struggling to find a style that suits your body, your personality and lifestyle.
  8. You’ve lost your sense of style and individuality over the years.
  9. You simply lost your interest to go out and meet people. You’re afraid of receiving unsolicited advice about your body and being judged.

There are so many reasons why a woman needs professional styling guide. Someone who can efficiently help her create a style and image that would provide her confidence and comfort. Women are designed to go through a massive physical change due to hormones, birth, and a lot more. These physical changes contribute to the way we view ourselves. But, with proper guidance in styling, dressing up, and carrying our body with grace, we can definitely get that self-love back! 

Now, step up and do the right thing

If you think your goals resonate with my values as a Stylist and Image Consultant, do the right thing. Connect with me through my website or slide me a message at [email protected] and I would love to walk you through your journey to rediscovering your beautiful self. 

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