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Mind Your Style: When brain meets styling

As some of you may know, I practice the power of manifestation in my profession as an Image Consultant. I believe that in order to achieve the best version of yourself, you need to have the proper knowledge in styling and apply a fully positive mindset to manifest the outcome you desire.  This is why my recent collaboration with the deeply compelling woman, Dipti Tait – a renowned clinical hypnotherapist – was one of the most remarkable so far.

But how exactly did we meet, you may ask?

A few weeks ago, there was a technical glitch that caused her account to send out a blog link to everyone on her email list, including her Twitter followers.  It was quite strange because the link was directed to my website. We were not connected to each other prior to the incident, and both of us didn’t know how that was possible. Curious, she sent me an email,  and although my first message wasn’t exactly friendly because I thought it was some kind of spam, I realized that I was actually talking to a human person and not a bot. Funnily, we exchanged messages from there on and realized that the technical glitch may have been the universe paving the way for something wonderful ahead of us – then the idea of the collaboration started!

When brain meets styling

Decluttering, and wearing specific items or colors are actually associated with our brain, thus our daily mood. In fact, these factors affect not only our mood, but also the way people perceive us and the energy we’re sending out. 

For instance, the work-from-home setup has been a significant part of the new normal, and while working in our pajamas can be really tempting, it is usually hard for us to shift to “work mode” when our outfit directly represents bed and snuggles. I always tell my clients to still spend some time dressing up to change the aura of being locked up in our homes due to the pandemic. Dipti agrees with this concept and believes that the simple things can make a big difference – like your bright red lipsticks, or your big necklace during a Zoom conference. We are more drawn to individuals who apparently made some effort to look presentable, than those who seem unprepared and disoriented. We make a really good corporate impression when we know how to catch people’s attention.  

But of course, styling is one thing. Our comfort is another. 

Just because wearing dangling earrings or bright eyeshadows looks really fun and eye-catching, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go for it. You have to feel first whether it represents you as a person. I recalled, Dipti initially wanted to wear a big flower on her head for our video call, but she didn’t feel like herself so she disregarded the idea. After all, you are dressing up to feel comfortable, and not to please someone else. 

On decluttering and discipline

With weight gain comes the need to modify our wardrobe. We need to go for sizes that actually suit us. When you keep an item you cannot wear for an entire year, then there is a dire need to let it go and opt for a bigger one. Losing weight takes a lot of time and we have to acknowledge the fact that it may not happen real soon. We have to set the right expectation. 

An intentional lifestyle includes a minimal, yet fully functional wardrobe. We should avoid letting it pile up on the floor or our beds just because you need to go through each piece until you decide what you are gonna wear. If your life is a big pile of clothes where you normally just take the one on top, this usually reflects a chaotic and disorganized way of living, too.  And one significant pain point is, you are probably doing the same approach in other areas of your life. 

The outside world, to some extent, is a mirror to your inside world.

The way mass media represent body image can be depressing enough to make us hate our bodies. There is a lack of understanding on being a plus-size and a lot of brands do not cater to our needs. I do understand how it feels to go through a boutique and not have a single clothing item match your body. A lot of women force themselves to lose weight in their attempt to fit in. You have to practice and apply self-discipline to make things work. But what Dipti had to say about this tugged me right at the heartstrings:

“Skinnier people are not necessarily happier than plus-sized individuals.

Sometimes, we lose our sense of individuality because we wanted to feel that we belong. Sadly, this does not only harm our body but our mental health as well. I’d like every woman to know that being a plus-size may be a little different by definition, but it does not make us less of a person. We are capable of all the wonderful things that skinnier people are capable of – in fact, there shouldn’t be a competition at all!

Major takeaway:

Whatever we do externally has a direct impact on our minds. When we feel bad about our body, it sends out a negative message to our brain that creates the gloomy feeling, and even anxiety in the long run. BUT, when we start to listen to what our body is telling us, that should kickstart the positive transition in our lives. 

When you feel that you’re not comfortable with what you wear. RECONSIDER YOUR STYLE. Consider the proper size, the colors, and even the texture of the fabric. Your body will definitely let you know when you put on something very comfy. It will take away the need to hide the rolls. It will take away the need to fit in. You will stand out just as you are.

Remember that our size should never be the basis of our happiness. 

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