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Styles NOT to Wear in Spring 2021

It has been quite a challenging year for the fashion world. The changes in the way people dress were drastic, as most of us abruptly transitioned to multi-layers of protective clothing and face masks. This particular look pretty much dominated most of 2020. But this year, with a positive disposition that things will start to fall once again into their rightful place, I’d like to give you ladies a few vibe-altering tips. They’re simple.  You just have to know exactly what NOT to wear in the most cheerful time of the year – The spring! 

Bermuda shorts are totally, totally outdated. 

Many of us started working from home, and we all succumbed to the magic of our comfy trousers so I understand how it feels to have to take a breather. Bermuda shorts used to be a hot alternative to this, but it’s time to embrace the spring by definitely showing more skin, especially on rare moments when we have to run some errands outside. Mini shorts and skirts are totally a thing this year, and we can simply wear knee high boots to finalize the breezy aura we are going for. There is no harm in showing more skin downwards since the pandemic already forced us to cover our faces most of the time. This should balance the aura and make us look fresher. 

Skinny jeans may be timeless, but straight-cut ones provide a more relaxed look.

While skinny jeans can provide the same level of comfort depending on who wears it and why, straight cut jeans can be more forgiving than the former since it gives your ankles a little more space to breath – yes, another effective wardrobe breather. It takes less effort too as you can wear it with almost any top and footwear you have – a pair of sneakers or pointed stilettos, a cropped tee or sleek turtleneck – it really doesn’t matter. The possibilities are simply endless. 

And if you are on Tiktok, then you have probably heard about the Gen Z and Millenials’ debate over skinny jeans and mom jeans. Honestly, this isn’t even a debate on who manages to stay on trend and who doesn’t. The former is fundamentally more comfortable to wear; these are high-waist jeans that end just above the ankle, and are specifically designed to allow us to move more freely as it gives more space to breathe compared to jeans that literally wrap around our ankles. The pandemic has taught us to be more intentional, and this year’s trends do not just focus on the aesthetics, but also the overall efficiency.

While dark, deep colors are a classic, it is totally out this season.

Last year was gloomy enough; in fact, it is probably the gloomiest we’ve experienced in this generation. Might as well wear cheerful-looking colors to change that mood. When I say cheerful, it doesn’t have to be really bright. Pastel colors like pink, mint, blue and yellow are less saturated which makes them lighter and softer. Pastel highly represents spring as it creates a feeling of tranquility and sophistication. 

Speaking of light, sophisticated colors, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating are the Pantone colors of 2021. Both are classics and reflect on the current culture. Illuminating, in particular, creates an energetic presence that we can incorporate in our clothes and makeup. Keep in mind, however, that this is worn in a lighter shade compared to the actual illuminating color. 

Stop putting on layers! 

Needless to say, wearing multi-layered clothes usually work best during the colder seasons. Spring symbolizes our love for the outdoors. You can either go for an outfit that shows more skin OR something a little less complicated like jumpsuits/playsuits.  Instead of covering up, we can opt for really comfortable materials such as cotton, but if we want to be all-the-way sophisticated, then silk is your go-to texture. Its cool, smooth flowiness gives us the radiant vibes!

Our style has to adjust according to the season, but this year’s spring isn’t just a mere climate transition – it serves as a renewal of our hope, happiness and motivation. None of us ever predicted how the pandemic would reshape our society as changes seemed to happen in the blink of an eye. And if you have that sense of hope that still resides within you —  you have to let it out. You have to act like it. You need to be the silver lining for those who are feeling down. 

The pandemic has caused anxiety to people from all corners of the globe – NOW is the time to reconsider our lockdown fashion (baggy clothes, sweatpants, you name it) and recreate an effective, time-saving, mood-uplifting back to work wardrobe to prepare ourselves to conquer the outside world again as soon as this gloomy time is over. We deserve to be ready to shine!

Dress up, make yourself happy and be a sunshine to others! These steps can be overwhelming for beginners, or those with a really hectic daily schedule.  Do not hesitate to seek professional help. I am one message away to helping you create a better wardrobe, thus better lifestyle. Hit me up anytime!

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