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How to Look like a Lady as a Plus-Size

Hello, I am Michaela Leitz, a plus-size Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant based in Frankfurt am Main. Welcome to another fashion segment that aims to help you reach your fullest potential as a woman! 

We may have different tastes in fashion, but a lady-look vibe certainly brings out the beauty in anyone. For today’s blog, I’d love to help you achieve a look that highlights and brings shine to your femininity. We’ll start off by carefully considering your correct size. I always say this and I can’t stress this enough – this is the secret behind everyone’s comfort. If you want to present yourself as a fine lady in your outfits, here are several tips that could help you in your styling journey. 

woman wearing white sweatshirt and red and brown accordion skirt
Photo by @canweallgo from Unsplash

Don’t wear ripped jeans and hot-pants

To be quite honest? I personally do not like jeans and I only have a couple of pairs at home. Specifically, I stopped wearing blue jeans at the age of 13. This type of denim doesn’t really help in making us look sophisticated. Refrain from wearing ripped jeans, too. While these styles have 

become in demand over the years, torn jeans do not make sense, and would definitely give you a rugged vibe instead of the exquisite, lady-like aura you’re going for. 

You may choose dark colors such as navy and black. You can also be bolder and wear white and beige to take your style and sophistication to the next level. If you feel like wearing shorts, you can definitely go for either Jamaica pants or Bermuda – the former is a little longer, but more flary. They are both classy and nothing like hot pants

Speaking of such, if you still don’t realize how revealing hot pants are – they basically show about the same amount of skin as swimsuits.  And I don’t see any sort of occasion where it is basically appropriate or comfortable to wear one – even on the most casual hangouts. 

Don’t wear a crop top with jeans

While we can totally rock any crop top, never pair it with denim jeans, polyester or other cheap materials. You can purchase crop tops in sets – with matching pants or skirt, and preferably only high-waisted. Silk, cotton and cashmere are samples of high-quality materials and they can make you look more lady-like compared to denims. Crop tops are often partnered with high-waisted pants; it allows you to show a little more skin on your midriff section, just enough to keep the look interesting, especially since you’ve got most of your stomach covered. 

Don’t wear t-shirts

I know – shirts can be super comfy. But I honestly never liked them and I have barely any at home. For me, t-shirts are the epitome of casualness. Even if you are allowed to wear something casual at an event, the question is: How casual is actually too casual? The answer is, guess what, t-shirts! A sophisticated lady doesn’t wear one; instead, she wears a blouse. When going for blouses, always aim for high-quality ones, preferably a solid color without any prints or emblems on it. When it comes to blouses, keeping it simple will make it more stylish and ritzy.

Don’t use your designer bags or belts until they fall apart

I keep designer bags myself, so I know how expensive they are. Bags by their nature are very feminine; they hold our personal belongings and beauty secrets such as cosmetics, wallets and handkerchiefs. Needless to say, carrying bags has become a necessity. 

But let me ask you something: Would a man wear a broken watch? No – so don’t wear worn out designed bags or belts. Be fully informed about a designer product before purchasing them, as I’ve heard and seen several times that a Louis Vuitton Noé or Louis Vuitton Speedy gets deformed and wears out faster than other models. If you have decided to get yourself an LV bag, then do your homework and choose something that you last longer, like Louis Vuitton Alma for instance. I adore Yves Saint Laurent and though my choice is quite different, I apply the same crucial thinking before making any purchase. 

Though it will be hurtful to let go of an expensive bag that holds so many memories, time will come when our belongings will be worn out and will no longer serve its purpose. Stop wearing them, otherwise, your style and overall appearance will downgrade.

Don’t wear plateau (15cm) high heels

As a plus-size myself, I do not recommend wearing very high heels, especially those that are really thin. I do own an 11-cm YSL Opyum, and to be honest? I call them my taxi shoes; they’re definitely a beautiful pair, but won’t be practical to walk in them. 

But how is this associated with plus-size fashion, you may ask. First off, they may look good in classy dresses but a plus-size woman has to balance their weight while walking. If you love wearing heels but do not want to struggle wearing one, go for a lower one. Heels with plateau particularly look cheap, and definitely not to wear when you are trying to achieve a lady-like look. 

Do not wear wrinkled clothes, or those with holes, stains, and pilling

Just like we do with our bags, take care of your clothes or it will significantly reduce the quality of your look. A fine lady looks neat and flawless, and the last thing that you want to happen to you is to bump into someone you know looking like a hot mess. 

Major takeway?

There are so many ways to achieve an overall, lady-like look as a plus size if you are keen to details. You can portray a sexy aura without compromising the elegance. You can go for the simplest pieces and still look sophisticated. For decades, feminine clothing items are usually designed to cater to smaller body types. The thing is, we can take advantage of our curves to highlight our feminine features. Our rounded hips, for instance, can be emphasized by wearing dresses that perfectly fit. We can also opt for delicate jewelries for the final, feminine touch.

If you are struggling to make these look work, I am here to help you with your plus-size styling needs. My knowledge and personal background in fashion has paved the way for many women to find their sense of confidence. Shoot me an email at [email protected] or book me here directly for preset packages ?

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