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Transform Your Wardrobe with a Plus Size Stylist

Transform Your Wardrobe with a Plus Size Stylist

Plus Size Stylist Michaela Leitz
Plus Size Stylist Michaela Leitz

Dear reader, are you looking for a plus size stylist? If you’re a plus size woman who is looking to make a style transformation, then hiring a plus size stylist may be the best way to go. A plus size stylist can help you figure out which styles work best for your body type and teach you how to put together clothing pieces that will make you look fabulous. Here’s an overview of what working with a plus size stylist looks like.

How Does It Work?

When you work with a plus size stylist, they will typically begin by assessing your current wardrobe. They’ll ask questions about what styles and colors you prefer and get an understanding of your lifestyle and budget. Then they’ll move on to helping you update your wardrobe with pieces that are more flattering for your body type. This could include selecting items from the store or having them custom-made for you based on measurements taken during the consultation process.

The goal is to give you an entirely new look that makes you feel confident and beautiful in every outfit. A good stylist should also provide advice about how to accessorize each outfit so that it looks stylish no matter where you are going or what kind of activities you are doing. Some stylists even offer makeup services so that they can give their clients an all-inclusive style makeover!

Get an Expert Assessment of Your Current Wardrobe

Plus Size Stylists like Michaela Leitz help their clients asses the pieces im their closet
Plus Size Stylists like Michaela Leitz help their clients asses the pieces im their closet


A plus size stylist can assess the pieces in your closet, determine what looks good on you and identify any gaps or deficiencies in your wardrobe. This assessment is invaluable because it gives you an objective perspective on what works for your body type and lifestyle. It also helps highlight any items that need to be replaced or removed, which is important if you want to have a functional, well-rounded wardrobe.

Help You Find the Perfect Pieces for Your Unique Shape

A plus size stylist will work with you to find clothes that fit properly, flatter your shape, and reflect your own personal style. Whether it’s finding the perfect little black dress for date night or investing in staple pieces like tailored trousers or an A-line skirt, they will be able to guide you towards pieces that make the most of your figure while still making sure they suit your taste. They know all the best fashion tips for dressing a curvy body, so they can ensure that everything fits perfectly and looks amazing on you!

Plus Size Women need a different service

Plus size women need a different fashion styling service because the fashion industry has been largely limited in plus size options. However, plus sized styling is more than just plus size clothing choice. Plus sizes bodies have to be seen in 3D for plus size women to truly look and feel their best. That’s why it pays off to work with a personal stylist who is experienced in plus size styling or even better, hire a size inclusive stylist who is plus sized themself too. With the right stylist by your side, you will look amazing and feel confident about your plus size curves.

Benefits of Working With A Professional Plus Size Stylist

Plus Size Stylist Michaela Leitz
Plus Size Stylist Michaela Leitz

Working with a professional plus size stylist has several advantages over trying to assemble outfits yourself or relying on friends or family members for fashion advice. For one thing, professional stylists understand the unique needs of larger bodies and know which fabrics, cuts, and silhouettes will flatter them most effectively. They also have access to resources that the average person doesn’t have such as tailor-made garments or exclusive collections from high-end designers that aren’t available in stores. Finally, they can save time by helping their clients pick out outfits quickly without having to sort through racks of clothing at the mall or online stores.

See a personal plus size stylist as your safe space

A personal stylist is the perfect safe space for expert fashion advice. Whether you’re looking to purchase clothes that flatter your unique body shape, enhance your existing style or make you look and feel confident whenever you wear them, our expert stylists are here to help. We provide a judgement-free environment where we focus on empowering clients through fashion instead of telling them losing weight. Our personal shopping service caters to all budgets, sizes, and occasions – we never shy away from any challenge or having an honest discussion about style! Whether it’s finding a perfect wedding dress or getting ready for a job interview, trust an expert stylist with your personal shopping needs.

Styling fee of a plus size stylist

Plus size stylists are a unique breed of professionals. Striving to provide plus sized individuals with the same great styling experience as everyone else, plus size stylists offer amazing pieces to fit anyone’s style profile at a reasonable fee. With their immense knowledge and expertise of plus size clothing styles and trends, plus size stylists are invaluable when it comes to finding that perfect plus size outfit. The styling fee to the plus size stylist is definitely worth the confidence boost that come with wearing amazing pieces of clothing. Fees start at 50 $ per hour and go up to hundreds more, it depends on the stylist.

Subscription boxes vs. styling services

A personal stylist takes the guesswork out of style and ensure clothing choices are deeply tailored to your style and body shape. With a style box from a brand, you can never be sure if their picks really match your style because they’re not focused on individual style needs like a personal stylist is. Furthermore, when you’ve developed an understanding of your style with your personal stylist, they never have to come up with something new every month—your style can evolve but the conversation remains the same. You simply won’t find this level of service or style access with any other kind of “box delivery” service. Get more value for your money by investing in a plus size fashion stylist!

Develop your fashion sense with a personal style edit

Plus Size Fashion Stylist Michaela Leitz
Plus Size Stylist Michaela Leitz


Working with a plus size fashion stylist for a personal style edit is an amazing way to discover and develop your style. Not only will you feel more confident about what works on you, but it also opens up possibilities to explore new styles. Plus size dresses can look so beautiful and be very flattering, but it might be overwhelming trying to figure out which one looks the most stylish. With style edits, you can try different things out and get a great understanding of what style resonates best with you. Online shopping has made style edits much easier since it allows you to see past customer reviews and even review the clothing items before purchasing them. A style edit provides a great opportunity for you to refine and hone your fashion sense, taking style dreams from the imagination into reality!

What to do if there are special occasions upcoming?

When you have a special occasion coming up and need to look your best, a plus-size fashion stylist can help ensure you will look and feel fantastic. They are experts on designer brands that cater to all sizes and body types, so they will know exactly where to shop to find the right pieces for you. If you don’t have the energy to go out shopping, they can create a virtual closet of outfits specifically designed with your style in mind. Regardless of what fashion trends are popular this season, they always know how to curate an ensemble that highlights your assets while never compromising on comfort and confidence. Working with a plus-size fashion stylist is like having a personal shopper available 24/7 who understands the needs and challenges of curvy shoppers.

Image consulting vs. personal stylists

Image consultants and personal stylists both offer style advice for individuals to help them look their best, but there is a key difference between them. An image consultant can provide style guidance in fashion trends and advise on how to match colors and fabrics together.

They also help people to develop a style that suits their lifestyle, career and body shape. On the other hand, a personal stylist will help you shop for clothing and choose new items tailored specifically to your needs. From style edits – where they curate your wardrobe by helping you decide what new clothes you need or what brands have the best plus size pieces – right up to shopping for special occasion outfits, personal stylists will identify key pieces that flatter your figure and stay on-trend with new season looks. Both image consultants and personal stylists offer invaluable advice when it comes to style, no matter your shape or size.

Can a “normal person” get a personal stylist?

In today’s fashion world, anyone can go to a personal stylist. You don’t need to be walking down the red carpet to access fashionable clothing – that privilege is available for all. Stylists understand how clothing trends interact with different body types, allowing you to transmit your individual personality while still tapping into the best of what’s new and now. Whether you’re in pursuit of a new go-to look or just have no idea what works for you beyond jeans and a t-shirt, getting some help from a professional can go a long way in upgrading your wardrobe!

Do I need to follow new trends?

When it comes to fashion, there’s no need to follow the latest trends in order to stay stylish. Instead, I believe it is best to find your own signature style that caters to your unique size and shape. This will not only save money on the constantly changing fashion pieces but also contribute a more sustainable wardrobe that reflects your true self. In my opinion, finding the best plus size garments for a signature look to fit you individual body type is much more rewarding than hopping onto every new trend that comes around. Personally, I’m not a big fan of trends but I do think it’s important to recognize when trends can be beneficial to express yourself and influence how you view fashion.

If updating your wardrobe sounds like something that would benefit your life..

Plus Size Stylist Michaela Leitz
Plus Size Stylist Michaela Leitz


But shopping for clothes isn’t something that brings joy into it, then consider hiring a professional plus size stylist! Working with a plus size specialist can save time, energy, and money by finding clothing items specifically tailored for your body type at prices within your budget range. Not only does it reduce stress when getting dressed each day, but it also boosts confidence as well!

If you feel inspires to hire a personal stylist feel free to contact me, Michaela Leitz today! I’m a size inclusive fashion stylist and cater to women’s needs. Feel free to follow me on Instagram for daily style inspiration.

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