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Beginner’s Guide: How to Develop a Sense of Style

Sure, we all dress up according to our daily activities, but do you know that not everyone follows a particular style or has a defined fashion statement? Many choose their wardrobe according to what is required (e.g. pants and blouse for work) but fail to consider the quality, colors or textures, simply because it takes effort to understand its concept. If you are this fashion newbie, worry not! The fashion world may be overwhelming but with a little help from someone who understands it at heart (yep, that’s me), acquiring a sense of personal style is totally doable. 

There is no shame in imitation

As a child, we imitate others as a way to learn; we learn about the art of fashion in the same manner. Get yourself acquainted with fashion artists or influencers; learn how they incorporate details in their outfits, until you unbridle your own creativity. Observing other people who express themselves through fashion can teach you the basics . You can learn the usual dos and don’ts and from there, you can add your own touch based on your personality. 

Imitation is an important phase for beginners. When you admire someone’s sense of style and feel the desire to incorporate the same thing in your daily life, you start paying attention even to the smallest details. “Why did she combine red and yellow?”, “Why did she layer her blouse with a patterned coat?” or “Why did she partner velvet with silk?” You will notice everything, until you get to apply the same concept to your style. From there on, you would have tiny bits of realizations as to how you can tweak the existing style based on your own liking, and further express yourself in your own, unique ways.

Do not let trends pressure you – build an intentional wardrobe

You don’t purchase what you wear in sets, you purchase them by piece and include it in your existing wardrobe. And how are you supposed to maximize them all? Through the power of mix and matching. A strong wardrobe foundation should include the basics like jeans and blouses, strengthened by a few more items such as dresses, skirts, and blazers. 

You don’t need to have a lot of clothes to begin with; your basics can be your starting point. The secret to maintaining an intentional wardrobe is to keep only the items that suit your body type/size; those that you actually intend on wearing, as to avoid keeping unnecessary pieces in your closet for years. Make sure that your wardrobe resonates with your lifestyle. Say, if you work 5 days a week, then 70% of your wardrobe should include work wear, and the remaining 30% should be categorized into your remaining activities. 

Always try new things

Even the most famous fashionistas have gone through an ‘experimental phase’ where the only way to know what works best for them is to try things out. These people have tried hundreds of combinations and approaches before they confidently say that it is their style, so what’s stopping you from getting out of your comfort zone?

Your sense of style may not always reflect the entirety of your life, but it should resonate with your mood and certain aspects of your lifestyle. The combination of mini hot pink dress, red stilletos and fuschia lippies deliberately represents happiness, energy and celebratory vibes.

Major take away: Gauge your fashion through your level of comfort. After all, fashion should make us feel good about ourselves. So whatever we wear, no matter how glamorous or simple they are, should hold the power to make us shine in happiness, boost our self-esteem, and make us brim in confidence. 

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