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The Saddening Fact About Plus-size Fashion

Today in my journal, I’d like to speak from my own experience as a plus-sized woman. Over the years, I realized that our ability to work on our personal style or confidence level is certainly doable. Sure, it may take some time, but your willingness and commitment will go a long way. If you were to ask me, however, the most difficult part of being in this size is the lack of clothing options that suit my body type. Most brands do not cater to plus size consumers, or the choices are usually on a very limited range. It is always hard to shop in regular stores. At times, I feel sad. At times, infuriated. Luckily, with my knowledge in styling, I manage to handle the difficulties with grace. 

Yet it’s still an issue that has to be constantly addressed. 

Some researches say a certain number of plus-sized women opt for men’s apparel to work out because it’s either hard to look for an active wear that fits them, or those that are available only make them look schlumpy. It is sad that even the way body image is being portrayed in the majority of mainstream media is still quite biased. The staple for print and runway models are those that were physically gifted or were forced to maintain a fancy image because their profession requires them to do so. 

The fashion industry has turned into something so aesthetic that most brands have failed to cater to realistic body sizes. In fact, there is an appalling lack of clothing choices for women over the size of 14. Now imagine how it can negatively affect a plus-sized teenager’s self-esteem. 

This is one of the many reasons why I decided to embark on this journey. Combining my knowledge in fashion and confidence coaching will always be a mission I’ll never get tired to sharing. I have always been very keen on teaching women how to maximize their outfits’ fullest potential. I help incorporate everything I know about body image and styling. I’d like to constantly remind women that regardless of what they wear, confidence blooms when you learn to accept the body you are in. 

This year, I hope you all join me as I share with you the wonders of body acceptance and self love. I’d like to be an outlet for every woman out there to focus on their mind and body; to avoid anxiety and possible depression especially amid the pandemic. I’d like this virtual space to be a source of joy and knowledge. 

And ladies, remember: Beauty is what you make of yourself. 

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