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After-Lockdown Style Guide

The pandemic painfully took over our lives that sweatpants seemed to be the only fashion trend that matters through the entire 2020. Fashion brands and events have either closed or been postponed, whereas sweatpants sales encountered a surge as soon as lockdowns were imposed. 

I can’t blame you for giving in to this unintentional trend. Our daily routines were put to a halt and dressing up, at some point, didn’t seem necessary as many of us transitioned to working from home.  But what I’ve learned is that being mindful of how you carry and present yourself still contributes to our general mood and productivity. True, working in your loose shirt and leggings was like a dream come true – I mean, who would have thought you can get up literally 5 minutes before your call time, when we’re all used to rushing every morning because the traffic might mess our whole day’s schedule. This lack of interest to follow an established routine somehow keeps our performance at a bare minimum. 

Sadly, the pandemic also affected our bodies and the way we see ourselves

If you feel bad for packing on pounds since last year – then for what it’s worth, it is normal. And ultimately, you are not alone. Our body’s ability to cope with external stimuli varies from one individual to another. You can either roll your sleeves up and start losing weight. Or take it easy and adjust yourself according to your current body needs. There are no right or wrong steps. You only have to listen to what your body is trying to tell you. 

However, not all of us are okay with these abrupt changes. Some needed time to process and accept it. As more and more items in our wardrobes no longer fit us, a major decrease in confidence would also start to consume us.  Yet, I strongly encourage every woman to not let weight gain be a reason to lose her sense of individuality. As a plus-size myself, there is a way to embrace those changes and still be intact with your unique identity through personal styling. A beautifully curated, after-lockdown style guide can help you manage the changes in accordance with your lifestyle and specific body needs. 

Time to put those sweatpants back and revamp your wardrobe

Re-evaluate three major aspects of your life amid the pandemic: Your body, your lifestyle and your comfort. List down facts and personal observations under each aspect in order for you to see the bigger picture. 

Body: Gained weight; most clothes no longer fit.
Lifestyle: Works from home but reports to the office when necessary. Been in my leggings longer than I imagined.
Comfort: Has to look professional in Zoom meetings, but be able to move comfortably at the same time.

Now, as a Stylist and Image Consultant who specializes in wardrobe transformation, I can help you take the game to the next level. How? Through a major closet revamp! Your wardrobe should directly represent your body type; it has to contain clothes that accurately match your size. Colors and textures greatly matter, too. Your wardrobe palette should be a visual representation of your lifestyle – the colors you choose should provide you vibrance. Most importantly, shifting from sweatpants to your unique personal style should not have your comfort compromised.  

The pandemic must have been tough for everyone. For us women, it took away not only our safety but also our sense of individuality. We were stuck at home and although the comfort we acquired was initially comforting, it came to a point where it no longer pushes us to be confident and productive. 

If you struggle with all or any of the situations, and even possibly a lot more, I have a particular program that could definitely jumpstart your after-lockdown makeover. Slide me an email and we’ll have a heart-to-heart talk. 

Love lots, 
Michaela Leitz – Confidence & Style
[email protected] 

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