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How to Get the Most out of Your Wardrobe: Bulletproof Formula for Styling

It’s time to get your wardrobe into shape! With these easy tips that I am giving you from my own personal experience as an image consultant.

So, you’ve been getting ready for work and are feeling like a zombie. You put on the same old thing day in and day out because there is nothing else to wear. This will never do! 

The first step is to pull out all of your clothes. Next, I want you to sort them into piles: Keep what you love and don’t wear; Toss or donate the things that are too worn-out (or never even fit in the first place); Put on hand-picked favorites for a couple weeks while cleaning up any wrinkles if needed. 

How much Money Should I spend?

And if we’re talking about how much money should I spend per item – think big picture here! You want to buy something nice quality but also practical so don’t feel like every article of clothing has to cost an arm-and-a-leg.

 By following my three rules, not only do you get satisfaction by shopping smartly; but now when getting dressed is just as easy as putting on a favorite outfit.

How to Get the Most out of Your Wardrobe: Bulletproof Formula for Styling 

It’s time to get your wardrobe into shape! In order to build a successfull wardrobe you need to be aware of your body shape and the type of fits that really work on your body. Learn the essential wardrobe items that are most flattering and appropriate for your body shape.

If you have an apple shaped body then rather go with babydoll dresses than bodycon dresses, if you have an inverted triangle shape you should go for one shoulder tops rather than spaghetti straps. 

Colors speak words, every color has another meaning and influence on your opposite. Red for example is said to rise blood pressure. In Countries like China it is symbolizing luck for example, on your next business trip to China you should definately try to wear some more red. 

You see there are so many tools you can use for your own intentional styling. Just take a look at your wardrobe and try to identify what works best on you. Don’t you want to look like a million bucks anyday in your life? 

Bulletproof Formula for Styling 

– wardrobe detox   – intentional styling  – color palette and body shape.

With these three steps you are set to get the most out of your wardrobe! You will feel more confident as well, because now your clothing can work with you rather than against you. 

Now it’s time to stop overthinking how to dress yourself and start dressing according to what is best suited for your wardrobe needs.

Once again: wardrobe detox; intentional styling; color palette and body shape. Ready? Set? Shop! 

And just like that – a whole new wardrobe awaits in front of your eyes.”

So, how are YOU styling YOUR wardrobe? Are you styling yourself intentionally? 

Do you just wear the same outfits because it feels safe to you? 

Or do you really know how to dress for success?

 A Wardrobe that is styled for YOU means you will not only feel more confident, but be better able to focus on your goals and aspirations. 

Wardrobe organisation is key

I know this sounds like a lot of work, and I am right there with you! It can seem overwhelming at times because we are all different shapes and sizes, but the truth is it’s much easier than you think. 

It’s time to get your wardrobe into shape! Wardrobe organization is a great way to provide yourself with the opportunity for more professional and confident interactions. 

It can help you feel better about your appearance when you are meeting new people, standing in front of peers or clients, or attending events where dressing up is required; it all starts with putting together pieces from your closet that work well together! 

All too often we forget what our best color palettes are and end up wearing colors that don’t suit us at all. 

Wardrobes that have been styled intentionally include items in every color palette.

 So there’s always something flattering for everyone who wants to wear their clothes confidently like they were born in them.

 A wardrobe organized by style will allow you the ability to change outfits quickly if you need to get dressed for a special occasion or just in your daily life. 

I honestly only started dressing smart and according to my own color palette, style and body shape when I studied fashion styling & image consulting. To really know the tools will help you to master your appearance.

Help is there anytime

 If you are not quite sure, yet you can contact me as your own personal stylist whether in Frankfurt/ Germany in-person or in one of my virtual styling services.

There I show you your right color palette, analyze your body shape and create beautiful stylings for you. 

It’s easy to get dressed and feel confident when you have an organized wardrobe. Create a personal style that speaks for who you are, by understanding how your body type shapes up in the mirror. 

Put together outfits with colors that make your skin look healthy, vibrant, and aligned with a professional styling. Confidence is key in life but only if it’s backed up by what we wear. 

Follow me on to find daily style Inspiration and tips! 

Love, Michaela

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