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Why I have become a professional life-coach

I aspired to become a life coach because of what I have gone through for almost 20 years of my life. Ridden with insecurity and lack of confidence, I was always unsure of what to wear and concerned with what others thought of my appearance. I wouldn’t wear certain types of clothing like bikinis because they would make me look fat. Before the age of 19, I was super skinny, looking up towards the icons of the 2000s such as Paris Hilton and Kate Moss. I know that many other girls like me have gone through the same thing. Between the age of 19 and 20, I gained almost 20 kg, which was really troublesome for me when shopping for clothes. I have first-hand experience on how to face such problems.

As how to find the right type of clothing for your natural curves, how to choose the right patterns to match your body figure, and so forth. Apart from that, I worked hard on loving myself and focused on changing my life for the better by boosting up confidence, increasing happiness, adding style, and bringing positivity. I aim to do the same for others as well. Hence my company motto, “Confidence and Style”.

What makes me a great life coach, image consultant, and fashion stylist?

It is the fact that I have experienced numerous situations that resonate with a lot of people.
Like feeling insecure about their bodies and what to wear, etc.
Individuals from generations Y and Z have to deal with many issues related to body image, appearance, and how they look, especially considering that everything is posted online now, where everyone can see and make comments about you. People tend to compare themselves to impossible and unreal standards of life online, which can lead to multiple problems.

Can you relate to the struggles I had in life?



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